The EIZO Solution for a Multi-Modality Catheterisation Laboratory at Harefield Hospital, Harefield, UK

Harefield Hospital is an integral part of one of the largest and most experienced centres in the world for treating heart and lung conditions. Also part of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, Harefield has more than 1,300 staff, five operating theatres, four catheterisation (cath) laboratories, and a dedicated heart attack centre. Heart attack emergencies can be treated with primary angioplasty in its specialist laboratories and the arrival-to-treatment time of 27 minutes is one of the fastest in Europe. Speed of treatment has been shown to be crucial to survival in heart attack cases.

What was Required?

Harefield Hospital expressed a need for an EIZO cockpit video management control solution like other sites across the UK. There was a requirement for different technologies within cardiology to be used in one lab and one control room. This is to enable the management and view of multiple PC applications in the control desk area of the operation room in cath lab 2, a new multi-modality catheterisation lab for the hospital.  From electrophysiology mapping systems, video conferencing, and interventional cardiology, to structural heart surgery, complex connectivity requirements and limited desk space had to be taken into consideration.

The EIZO Solution

EIZO created a cost-effective switching and control solution that has been installed with the option to upgrade and add additional feeds later while minimising cost and disruption. Cabling and hardware have been installed within the control room of the new cath lab. This allows the third-party workstations that are contained within the control room cupboard to be displayed and controlled on the EIZO control room monitors via the EIZO CuratOR Alipe video-over-IP system using the EIZO CuratOR Caliop video management software. The whole solution will be covered by a 5-year on-site warranty.


The constantly growing number of medical devices and equipment used in the operating room (OR) is a major challenge for OR and nursing staff. In high-stress situations, they have to be able to operate the equipment without making any errors. Different user interfaces and systems that are not compatible with one another can force the OR team to use awkward workflows. EIZO was the perfect fit to streamline the catheterisation lab. The installation consisted of the EIZO CuratOR Alipe solution, EIZO RadiForce MS236WT a 23-inch touchscreen monitor where you can choose which third-party applications can be controlled from the six EIZO FlexScan EV2456 displays. It also included EIZO servicing for install, training, and ongoing support.

What are the Key Differences Noticed since Using the EIZO Solution?

The EIZO solution required some initial training in the interface, however, it is very user-friendly and easy to control. With its intuitive menu navigation, the connected components can be managed quickly and from a central location. Additionally, the video management functionality facilitates precise workflow planning.

I didn’t want to use multiple KVM switches and do it myself, it would have been a technical nightmare and would not have had servicing backup if I left the Trust. The EIZO solution is more streamlined, and we’re not having to disconnect and reconnect the display port, HDMI, or DVI connections between systems. It is effectively touching the screen to show the system you want.

Ross Haynes, Principal Clinical Scientist

Harefield Hospital

How does the EIZO Solution Benefit you Going Forward?

In hospitals, maintaining control over the quality and performance of a large number of monitors is complex and extremely time-consuming. The EIZO solution offers centralised management of client monitors connected to the hospital network which improves the efficiency of quality control process monitoring. We have backup from EIZO’s technical specialists who are available at short notice and can quickly troubleshoot, as well as being covered by callouts when needed.

Would you use EIZO Solutions in your Future Project?

Yes, a future project would be beneficial to have the EIZO solution implemented into the catheterisation lab itself. For example, to control the image display on the main monitor (cockpit), a large EIZO Monitor has already been installed in the catheterisation lab.

Matt Treumann – OR Medical Solutions Account Manager for EIZO was professional and courteous from the start; I was particularly impressed with the technical guys - Rob Cooper and Dan Cook. They were excellent and nothing was too much trouble! We would highly recommend EIZO.

Ross Haynes, Principal Clinical Scientist

Harefield Hospital

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