EIZO presents its latest novelties at MEDICA 2015

星期一, 2015 十月 26

Hall 10 / Booth H41 - Across a booth area of 89 m², EIZO presents its products and solutions for various sectors of the hospital:

What will be exhibited

Experience EIZO CuratOR solutions

Practical and workflow-oriented, EIZO showcases its product novelties under a selection ofavailable solutions for OR integration, Interventional Radiology and Control Room.
The visitor has the opportunity toexperience the diversity of EIZO within simulated hospital settings such as operating room, technical room, lecture room and doctors room.

  • CuratOR Surgical Panel - digital viewing and nurse stations
  • CuratOR Caliop - All-in-One software for integrated OR
  • Surgical Monitor EX270W - pendent arm monitor
  • Large Monitor Manager - 2K and 4K video management hardware
  • RX850 - 8 MP multi-modality monitor for diagnosis
  • Streaming solutions
  • and a range of various EIZO accessories

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