The medical monitor EJ-MLA26Z2 is the perfect assistant for minimally invasive procedures.

  • Precise colour reproduction
  • Moist-disinfection
  • Energy-efficient

Manufacturer of the product is Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd., see press release

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Panasonic - Dual Display

Dual Display – one monitor, two images

The monitor can display two input images simultaneously, such as an operation image and reference image. There are two display modes available: picture-in-picture (PIP) and picture-out-of-picture (POP). The size and position of what is displayed on the screen can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Precise colour reproduction

The medical-grade monitor is equipped with IPS technology. Using these advanced panels, images on the monitor can be viewed in the same quality from almost any angle – the display can be seen from a full 178
degrees. The display provides ideal conditions for operating rooms where doctors and their teams are in different positions and rely on wide viewing angles. Precise image reproduction displays content in high contrast and depicts structures in the truest possible colours. Especially intensive reds make it easy to recognise inflammation and lesions. Even brightness produced by LED backlighting refines these high-contrast, fadeless images.

IPX2 standard for moist disinfection

The operating room monitor complies with the IPX2 standard, which means it is protected against dripping water, dust and, above all, contamination through bacteria and viruses. This makes our operating theatre monitor quick and easy to clean: its surfaces can be moist-disinfected and remain clinically clean with very little effort. The room equipment therefore fulfill the demands of hospitals and achieves perfect results even under enormous time pressure.

Energy efficient

High performance coupled with low energy consumption is the idea behind the sophisticated design of Panasonic’s operating room monitors. Low power consumption is achieved by features such as the newly developed ‘Power Save Mode’ – the monitor switches to stand-by after 30 seconds of no video signal. Furthermore, Panasonic’s operating room monitors reduce heat output to a minimum. This allows temperatures in operating rooms to remain calculable and constant – without putting any extra burden on the air-conditioning systems.

Bezel with rounded corners

The casing is narrow and light and has rounded corners to make things safer in operating room. This operating room monitor saves space with the optional bases and slim design.

Hygienic design

The back panel is designed without ventilation openings so it protects the unit against moisture ingress when disinfecting it. Cable cover enables connections to be hidden away safely and tidily. The entire surface can be cleaned quickly using a moist cloth and disinfectant.

Clear operating panel for intuitive operation

A clearly organised operating panel with five programmable buttons for quick access to the saved functions. The pre-settings can be operated even when wearing surgical gloves.

Connections and ports

With up to 17 different inputs and outputs (incl. 3G-SDI), the display is compatible with every conventional system, allowing flexible usage.

Compact AC adaptor

A compact AC adaptor makes installation easier, especially in ceiling supply units and cart housings.



认证与标准(请联系 EIZO 获取最新信息)FDA Class1 (USA), CMDR Class1 (Canada), MDD Class1 (Europe), EN 60601-1, EN 60601-1-2, CE (MDD)
提供的附件(可能因国家/地区而异。请联系 EIZO 了解详细信息)Manual: English (printed), French, German, Italian, Spanish (CD)


类型LCD IPS Pro Panel
尺寸26 Inch (66 cm)
原始分辨率1920 x 1080 (Full HD, aspect ratio 16:9)
视角(水平/垂直,典型)178° / 178° (CR>10)
亮度(典型)500 cd/m²


输出端口SDI x 1 (3G/HD/SD BNC type), DVI-D x 1 (HDCP conform), Video x 1 (BNC type), RGB/YPb/YPr x 1 (Mini-D-Sub, 15 Pol), S-Video x 1 (mini DIN 4 Pin)
输出端口SDI x 1 (3G/HD/SD BNC type), DVI-D x 1, Video x 1 (BNC type), DC (5 V, 1 A)
通讯接口Remote Control:
RS-232C x 1 (D-sub 9 Pin)
GPI x 1 (D-sub 9 Pin)


电源要求DC 24V
Power adapter:
Dimensions (W x H x D): 160 x 37 x 64 mm
Weight: Approx. 0.7 kg
Extension cable: 10 m
最大功耗69 W


HD Dual display (switchable between SDI- and DVI- input)
Dual display (available in PIP and POP)
Rotation / Flipping (180° / 90° / 270° Rotation, Horizontal flipping)
OSD 语言English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish


防护等级IPX2 standard: moist disinfection


643 x 396 x 87 mm
净重7.7 kg
孔间距(VESA 标准)Vesa 100


Panasonic 2D Monitor

Panasonic 2D Monitor

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