Control Room

With the control room solution from EIZO, you have a view of all images sources and can operate all systems from one workstation.

Eine Lösung für den Kontrollraum

One solution for the control room

In the control room of a hybrid OR or catheter lab, radiology assistants require optimal working conditions to give surgeons the best possible support during minimal invasive procedures. This includes controlling the devices in the OR and analyzing the images delivered by the imaging system during a medical procedure.

LMM mit LX300W

The LMM0802 from EIZO makes it possible to collect all image signals from different sources and display them on one large monitor, like the LX300W. All imaging systems can be operated and controlled using just a mouse and a keyboard.


This means that the surgical assistants no longer have to switch monitors when they work with different data and systems. This accelerates and simplifies the workflows and reduces potential operating errors. As an alternative, two workstations can also be set up, so that one person could be responsible for modalities and the other for PACS, for example.

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