Integrated OR

Flexibility, intuition, reliability, hygiene: These are the challenges that any OR integration process must overcome. You are ready for anything with EIZO CuratOR solutions.

A sample from the daily hospital routine

A sample from the daily hospital routine

The most diverse imaging equipment is used in the OR, ranging from light cameras, endoscopes and room cameras. Radiological image viewing is critical for OR medical procedures. EIZO OR Solutions succeed in perfectly integrating all image technologies that are used in the OR.


Installed flush to the wall to save space, the Surgical Panel functions as the centerpiece of the operating room. The integrated PC is bundled into the hospital's IT and allows access to HIS and PACS.

Surgical-Monitore an der Decke

The EX271W surgical monitors are located on the ceiling near the OR table — in the surgeon's direct vision. The OR team can see the displayed images from the endoscope, light camera, room camera modalities, as well as X-ray images of the patient.

Surgical-Monitor Bild-Zuordnung

The Large Monitor Manager LMM0804 arranges the image display. Up to 8 input signals can be optionally switched to 4 outputs (video management).

Users can intuitively switch the different signal inputs using the software on the Surgical Panel or the mechanical buttons.

Platzierung LMM

To guarantee flawless image quality in the modalities, the internal TDL transmission lines are used to transmit image signals.

Depending on need, there is a number of configuration options for equipping an integrated OR. That is why we take the time for clean and well-thought out project planning to meet our customers' requirements.

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