The CID1201P is an optional software package preinstalled on a suitable Panel PC and designed specifically for interfacing with the Large Monitor Manager.

  • Quick and intuitive selection of predefined layouts and video sources
  • Simple integration in local network
  • Robust and secure use in the OR environment
  • VESA Adapter for extended mounting options

Easy to operate

The higher resolution and improved touch reaction of modern panel PCs provides the CID1201P application with fast and intuitive selection of video sources directly through the Large Monitor Manager view management.

Simple integration in the video management system network

The introduction of simple input screens makes specialized IT administrator knowledge unnecessary. The installation effort is reduced to two steps: incorporation into the local network and entry of the video management system's IP address.

Additional security measures integrated into the application

With security measures such as service passwords, blocked network ports, and restricted system access, the CID1201P application is designed for robust and secure use in the OR environment.



CuratOR Products

CuratOR Products

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Instructions for Use CID1201P

Instructions for Use CID1201P

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