Project Brief

University Hospital Wales installs EIZO CuratOR and RadiForce - Cardiff, UK

The brief was to replace an old RDP all-in-one unit which was no longer supported and had reached its end of life. The required units had to be used in a variety of surgical specialities to display a range of medical images during surgery and needed to have an integrated PC for input of patient data by the theatre team. Housing had to be sealed, easy to clean and to be able to be mounted on the existing mounts on the theatre walls. The systems were to be purchased alongside a hardware refresh with University Hospital Wales’ PACS provider, AGFA.

The solution

EIZO designed and offered a dual 21inch all in one CuratOR solution containing a pair of EIZO RadiForce MX215 displays with an integrated PC specially designed lightweight housing to enable easy mounting on existing displays. The MX215 was chosen as a monitor ideal for viewing MRI and CT medical images in clinical review environments.The units also had included integrated fully sealed keyboard, mouse and dual USB ports which replicated the previous setup and provided a familiar user friendly system.

The units were also designed so if any parts fail during their lifetime they can be replaced on a component basis and replacement components can be exchanged without removing the units from the wall, unlike the sites previous model.

“The EIZO units are robust having been specifically designed for the theatre environment and provide excellent image quality. The product design facilitates quick access for repair should it be required.
We have been very pleased with both the units themselves and the excellent service provided by the team at EIZO during the project.”

Tom Henderson
PACS Manager, University Hospital of Wales.

University Hospital Wales - Cardiff, UK

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Wednesday, 2017 May 03

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