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Siegen District Hospital (Kreisklinikum Siegen) is modernizing 5 operating rooms with 4K technology and video management over IP from EIZO

With 600 beds and approximately 7500 surgeries annually, Siegen District Hospital has been working since 2010 with an image and video management system in the five operating rooms of its central OR facility. The system can no longer keep up with ever-increasing requirements. As part of a private purchase, it is being replaced by a completely new, state-of-the-art system. EIZO was able to win them over with a custom-tailored concept and the best product offering, especially with its Video over IP (VmoIP) solution and user-friendly interface to the application software.

Challenges in the Request for Proposal

A complete video management system with simplified connection to the existing hospital data systems was required for the operating rooms. For an uncomplicated workflow in the OR and the best possible working conditions, each operating room had to be equipped with an uniform solution.

  • Wall workstations with closed device unit
  • Monitors and video transmission in 4K technology
  • Interface to HIS/MIS/PACS system
  • Recording and documentation of surgeries

Highest flexibility from a workstation

The EIZO CuratOR solution developed for Siegen District Hospital is based on fiber-optic video cables and Alipe, the EIZO video management over IP (VMoIP) system. Because of the modular design, it is possible to incorporate additional image and video sources such as C-arms, as well as display devices. This means the system can be adapted to additional requirements and offers a secure and future-proof outlook.

The system is operated at the wall-mounted workstation using the 24” touch display of the SP1-24T Surgical Panel. The Surgical Panel is installed in a service- and maintenance-friendly housing, which is completely closed to the OR and can be disinfected. Via the clear and intuitive user interface of the Caliop application software, from there patients can be imported from the HIS, videos routed as desired, and image and video recordings about the patient can be created and transmitted to the corresponding hospital software. The video management system brings together all video sources including hospital-specific content such as PACS images, and can display them on two 32-inch CuratOR EX3241 monitors in 4K resolution specific to the application.

The best of care from day one

In the area of “Radiology Diagnostic Monitors and Software for Calibration and Quality Assurance,” Siegen District Hospital has long relied on EIZO. The hospital department manager for applications and software initiated an on-site appointment with EIZO where details were discussed.

The EIZO team provided the resulting project plan according to an exact schedule and it was implemented on time. The hospital particularly praised the consistently positive attitude during project implementation and the professional support provided by EIZO.

Kurt Stremmel, OR Manager: “Staff training began soon after the first system was installed. The program is easy to use and intuitive. EIZO quickly corrected any initial problems. Workflows have been simplified now that all, really all, imaging systems have the same connection to the documentation. The cable connection system is secure and robust, unlike before where each imaging system had different cable connections. The program automatically detects the medium, the control, which image should be displayed where, and functions without anyone having to change settings on a device or monitor. In addition, image quality is significantly improved.

Established in just a short time

Through simultaneous installation and employee training, the entire staff was instructed on the system and work processes during startup. With the EIZO system, processes in the OR are now easy and fully functioning; there were no technical problems during the initial phase. The medical staff is thrilled with the easy-to-use and -operate system, and with the excellent image quality. And the EIZO team is on hand to provide ongoing support: “EIZO service is reliable, uncomplicated, and professional.” (Georg Pfeifer, Department Manager for Applications and Software).

The changeover has resulted in high levels of satisfaction among employees because the documentation process is the same for all devices and the problems of the previous system were eliminated. From the users’ perspective, our selection of EIZO was the right choice.

Kurt Stremmel, OR Manager, Siegen District Hospital

The introduction of our new video management system with EIZO was an excellent project, carried out in close cooperation with our OR manager Kurt Stremmel and his team. As the director of a hospital, it is particularly important to me that an ongoing project be completed on time. In our work together, EIZO understood the importance of adhering to the schedule. As such, in addition to the satisfaction of the OR team as users, I as the director was extremely satisfied with the planning and implementation by EIZO.

Ingo Fölsing, Director of Siegen District Hospital

Reference report: Siegen District Hospital, Germany

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