Image and Patient Data without Technological Obstacles:

EIZO CuratOR in the City Hospital Dornbirn, Austria

Until recently, Dornbirn Hospital in the Vorarlberg region of Austria was using conventional OR towers with only one monitor for visual support during medical interventions. Ideally however, surgeons and assisting staff should have separate displays to ensure an optimal overview. With the use of CuratOR Surgical Panel and the CuratOR Caliop software, not only are optimal working conditions created - the seamless integration into the existing IT structure supports all work processes in the hospital.

The starting point

“In our old operating theaters, the handling of the operating theater towers was often laborious, which is why we wanted to modernize our video systems together with the new operating theater. We attached great importance to an intuitive operation, an optimal image structure with low latency and a simple configuration of the system. “- Peter Palombo, technical director of the hospital Dornbirn.

In stressful situations in particular, the imaging elements in the operating room must be operated quickly, easily and clearly so that the medical staff is not distracted by the technology involved in complicated operations.

Therefore, in the summer of 2017, the Dornbirn Hospital published a tender for a best bidder for a new imaging system. In the following weeks, the different concepts of the respective providers were presented in the Dornbirn hospital; In the context of these pitches, the overall package with the CuratOR Surgical Panel from EIZO was convincing. A total of seven operating theaters were equipped in two construction phases.

In focus: image display and intuitive usability

The heart of the new imaging system in every operating room are the Surgical Panel SP1-24 and SP2-46T-24.

The Surgical Panel SP1-24 with its 24-inch screen forms the central control unit. Thanks to simple handling by the OR staff and the seamless integration of third-party software, the system adapts to the hospital's workflow - not the other way around. For example, EIZO supports the usual clinic standards such as DICOM or HL7, but can also easily configure and individualize the necessary data elements for the hospital if required. In this way, clinic-specific applications can even be integrated on site at short notice.

The Surgical Panel SP2-46T-24 with 46-inch and 24-inch monitors complement the SP1-24. Integrated flush into the glass wall of the rooms, the devices function as a video distribution system and image display. The 46-inch display is equipped with optional and intuitive touch controls and, thanks to its size, is ideal for displaying images and video streams during the operation. These can come from different sources at the same time.

“The fully automated export of image data to our archive system is particularly simple and user-friendly. The menu navigation is completely intuitive so that our staff can concentrate fully on the intervention and are not distracted by technical hurdles.”- Peter Palombo

The user-friendly software CuratOR Caliop enables simple integration into the existing IT structure and supports all work processes in the hospital. The retrieval of data from the clinic's central PACS and HIS takes place directly on the system. The OR staff has access to all important information at all times.

“Our staff is enthusiastic about the video systems. The operation of the individual elements is simple, quick and clear. We can now access numerous new features, but our work processes did not have to change. The EIZO system fits in perfectly with our day-to-day operations in the OR."

Peter Palombo
Technical Director of Dornbirn City Hospital

Loss-free and latency-free: Video over IP

Thanks to the installed CuratOR Alipe video-over-IP technology, the image and patient data can be transmitted uncompressed, loss-free and with the lowest possible latency to the respective operating theaters. In this way, the modern video system displays different image sources at the same time and guarantees comprehensive and fast access to all important data.

EIZO uses video-over-IP technology for fast transmission of video data in real time. This is the only way to transfer the enormous amounts of data from Full HD and 4K video signals simultaneously and uncompressed. For this purpose, optical fibers were laid, which can later be used for even higher resolutions such as 8K and 16K.

CuratOR Caliop represents the higher-level control system of the entire video-over-IP solution with CuratOR Alipe. For reasons of data protection, it processes the video signal only within a closed network per operating room. Only after approval by the responsible staff can the data be encrypted and transmitted to the outside - for example to another operating room or conference room.

Close customer care and fast support

Before the system went live, the entire OR staff took part in comprehensive training courses. In the first days of operation, the Dornbirn hospital was also looked after on site, so that help could be given immediately if there were any queries or requests for changes. With an all-inclusive package, EIZO's after-sales service supports the Dornbirn hospital with full maintenance for five years. As a direct contact person on site, Sanova Pharma GmbH can be reached at any time in order to be able to react quickly to problems. If necessary, EIZO can also connect to the systems via remote access. This guarantees fast and effective support.

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