New EIZO System for the Central Emergency Room at University Hospital rechts der Isar in Munich, Germany

“To know is to heal” is the motto at University Hospital rechts der Isar in Munich. For employees of the hospital, this means that research into new diagnostic and treatment methods plays a key role alongside the provision of exceptional patient care. This approach also applies to the central interdisciplinary emergency room at the university hospital. Thus, where…

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New OR for improved ergonomics: EIZO OR documentation solution at the Landau site of the Landau-Südliche Weinstrasse hospital group (Germany)

As the biggest medical facility in the Landau-Südliche Weinstrasse GmbH hospital group, Landau Hospital has over 200 beds. Since April 2019, the approx. 3,500 surgical procedures carried out each year have been supported by EIZO OR…

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Image and Patient Data without Technological Obstacles: EIZO CuratOR in the City Hospital Dornbirn, Austria

Until recently, Dornbirn Hospital in the Vorarlberg region of Austria was using conventional OR towers with only one monitor for visual support during medical interventions. Ideally however, surgeons and assisting staff should have…

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All in a Single View: Cardiac Center in Luxembourg relies on Efficient, User-Friendly Surgical Panel with intuitive Software

Since the end of 2016, the INCCI heart clinic in Luxembourg has had one of the most modern hybrid operating theaters in the world. Thanks to the installation of X-ray systems directly in the workroom, minimally invasive operations are…

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University Hospital Wales installs EIZO CuratOR solution - Cardiff, UK

University Hospital of Wales is a major 1000-bed hospital in the Heath district of Cardiff, Wales. UHW is a teaching hospital of Cardiff University School of Medicine. Construction started in 1963 with the official opening in 1971. It was…

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The Usefulness for Research, Education and Surgery - Kyoto University Hospital, Japan

Bringing the latest video management solutions to advanced medical treatment

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