EIZO at conhIT 2018 in Berlin

Среда, 2018 Февраль 28

In Japanese, EIZO means "image" - and here the name speaks for itself. During Europe's leading event for Healthcare IT, EIZO will translate to perfect presentation and flexible networking of medical image and video sources.

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Visit our booth:

conhIT 2018                                     
April 17-19         

Berlin Exhibition Grounds

Hall 3.2 / Booth D-113

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EIZO presents the new CuratOR endoscopy monitors

The highlights of EIZO's innovative products and solutions for the operating room and endoscopy, as well as their interaction, can be examined at conhIT 2018:

  • Surgical Panel SP2-24T-49: Digital workstation for image viewing and OR nursing staff
  • Alipe: Video-over-IP solution for loss-free, flexible data transmission and video management in the OR
  • Caliop: All-in-one software for the integrated OR
  • EX2620 and EX3140: Endoscopic monitors in full HD and 4K resolution
  • LX491W: 49” wide screen monitor for viewing medical images in the OR area
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Highly specialized diagnostic monitors from the RadiForce portfolio

The EIZO RadiForce product line represents a selection of monitors for diagnostic radiology. They assist in diagnostics using various imaging modalities and different regions of the body. In addition to the required GSFD grayscale characteristic curve, they offer additional high-performance functions for precise diagnoses.

  • RX560 MammoDuo – two 5 MP color monitors for mammography
  • RX660W – 6 MP wide screen color monitor for projection radiography

EIZO presents additional solutions for the medical field:

  • Radiology conference room – projection of screen content
  • Video streaming from the OR to a radiology workstation using picture-in-picture functionality (Hide & Seek)

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