Results of a User Study Validates the Integration and Video Management System CuratOR Caliop

Tuesday, 2020 November 24
As part of a study conducted with M3i GmbH in 2018 and 2019, EIZO GmbH tested the intuitive operation of Caliop software and Surgical Panel from the CuratOR product line. 26 clinical experts from 7 hospitals took part in the study. The results have now been summarized in a white paper.
Results Usability Test 1

The Scope of the User Test

Multiple usability tests were performed using a range of scenarios and participants from different medical specialties. The objective was to evaluate the user-friendliness and intuitiveness of the EIZO system’s software and hardware components. The usability test focused on the following aspects:

  • Simple and intuitive menu navigation
  • Seamless integration of signals from multiple imaging systems
  • Local operation using a mouse /keyboard, touch screen and remote control, for example using a footswitch
  • Routing multiple image sources using a single user interface
  • Confirmation of the functional scope of the extended CuratOR Caliop vm and Caliop doc modules

The most important data and results

  • 96% of the experts had a positive overall impression of the system
  • 100% of subjects found the system easy to learn
  • 100% of the experts felt confident working with the system
  • 40% reduction in task performance time after only one usage

The system achieved a SUS score of 81.1 out of 100 possible points, representing very good to excellent usability


The overall results of the study confirm that the Caliop software and the Surgical Panel provide positive support for OR personnel by centralizing critical OR workflows on a single platform, resulting in considerable time savings. Although the Caliop software offers extensive functionality, all of the participating experts said the system was easy to use. This is critical for modern treatment environments, where different medical users and a large number of information and video sources are involved.


Detailed information on implementation and results have been summarized in a whitepaper. This can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page.

File Attachements (15 MB)

User Study validates a Computer-Supported Integration and Video Management System for the OR (pdf), English (15 MB)

Nutzerstudie zur Überprüfung eines computerunterstützten Integrations- und Videomanagementsystems für OP-Räume (pdf), German


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