DVI Transmission Link TDLControl

A new approach to flexibility:

Hardware and software for effective video management

As the number of video sources and monitors in the OR increases, images need to be selected, positioned, and forwarded quickly and reliably. With Caliop vm and the 24-inch touchscreen, OR staff can intuitively control any number of pre-configured video inputs and outputs – for simple, effective video management in real time.

Two integrated monitors

Two monitors – for display and system operation via touchscreen – are integrated into the wall console for optimum image display and intuitive operability. Images from linked archives can also be displayed. In addition, the PC signal can be fed into the video routing system – for display on the operating table, for example.

Powerful software

The proprietary software Caliop vm runs on the Surgical Panel PC. This means that the device can be used both as a regular workstation PC for OR staff as well as for video management. Additional modules, for example for OR documentation, can be added to Caliop at any time.

Video management with the Large Monitor Manager

The Large Monitor Manager can be used to flexibly route images onto multiple monitors. Different video signals are collected and displayed on the connected screens in a variety of different layouts. The result is greater simplicity and efficiency in every step carried out by OR staff.

Flexibility and modular design

The EX271W comes as standard with an integrated TDL receiver module. This enables the signal to be connected directly to the monitor, with no additional cabling required, even over relatively large distances.


  • EIZO always provides customized advice and support, tailoring solutions to meet the precise needs of the individual operating room.
  • The Large Monitor Manager interfaces can be located anywhere in the OR (DPU, wall, or front of the Surgical Panel) to integrate the image signals from different modalities into the video management system.
  • The transmitters for the TDL links can easily be integrated into flush-mounted boxes and do not require their own power supply.
  • All EIZO monitors are optimized for display in the OR.
  • The 49-inch Surgical Panel can also be used as a viewing workstation or expanded desktop using the optional button.
  • The 24-inch Surgical Panel serves as an OR workstation and video management control center.
  • Additional signal inputs can be added at a later date using optional interface boards on the front of the Surgical Panel.
  • The Caliop vm video routing system works by simply selecting the source and the desired destination.
  • Routing presets and layout assignments can also be set up via Caliop vm.
  • The hygienic design of the EX271W pendant-mounted monitors and Surgical Panel makes them easy to disinfect for use in the OR.

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Cardiac Center relies on Surgical Panel with intuitive Software.

INCCI, the Luxembourg Cardiac Hospital, has had one of the world’s most modern hybrid ORs since 2016. Installing radiography systems directly in the surgical suite makes minimally invasive operations possible, for example the implantation of cardiac valves. A good radiographic representation is necessary, as is therefore good image quality. Thus, INCCI relies on a complete solution from EIZO.

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“If I have a problem handling the SP2-24-49, I call EIZO and it is either corrected directly online or, if this is not possible, an appointment is made so that the repair can take place on site. To date only one image display error has occurred. It was corrected immediately in the course of the day.”

Alexander Schmidt
Hybrid OR technician at INCCI

Other Solutions

OR Workstation

OR Workstation

Conventional video management with wall-mounted viewing station: the Surgical Panel as the central interface of an OR workstation.

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Interfaces to OR documentation and HIS/PACS simplify documentation, safeguarding, and workflows in the OR.

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VM over IP

VM over IP

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EIZO GmbH is headquartered in Rülzheim in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate, and operates a manufacturing facility in Plauen, Saxony. The Development, Product and Quality Management, Production, Sales, and Service departments are located in Rülzheim.
The manufacturing facility in Plauen is dedicated exclusively to the design, production, and sale of solutions for the OR.
There are additional production facilities at EIZO Corporation in Japan and EIZO Technologies GmbH in Wolfratshausen, Bavaria (Germany).
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Our management system satisfies all the requirements of ISO 9001, EN ISO 13485 (medical devices), and ISO 14001.
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EIZO GmbH works closely with its customers and partners, including specialist retailers and integrators, throughout the project, from the first planning meeting and through all planning stages to preparing the quotation, start-up and maintenance.

Its product portfolio includes color and grayscale monitors with a resolution of 1 to 8 megapixels and screen sizes up to 58", as well as image management systems and accessories. The products are used primarily in the fields of surgery, endoscopy, and cardiology.
For more information, visit www.eizo-or.com/products

The full EIZO range also includes many products and solutions for other visual applications:  www.eizoglobal.com


EIZO offers suitably tailored fallback concepts for a number of different failure scenarios, such as additional direct connections in the event of a failure of the video management system, for example.
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Future-proofing is fundamental to our concept. The modular design of EIZO solutions offers scope for upgrades, and free ports on the video management components can be assigned at a later stage.

Yes! You will find details of all the customization options for our Surgical Panels on our website.

Up to 10 m with direct cabling (HDMI, SDI, DVI, DP, analog) in the conventional video management system, and up to 36 m with our link technology (TDL). With fiber-optic cables and video management over IP, 10 GB can be transmitted up to 400 m.

In principle, all possible sources can be connected to the system.

EIZO solutions are open systems and can be connected via DICOM or HL7 with no difficulty.

EIZO provides training on the use of its products. We also provide after-sales support as a matter of course.

Services always have to be adapted to local conditions and needs, so local services and maintenance agreements vary depending on your location. Please contact your local sales partner or dealer for more information.
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